Gas Furnace Installation

Whether you are looking at a brand new gas furnace installation or your old gas furnace needs replacing, Precision Heating & Air can help. Old heating systems use a lot more gas than the more current models and the past 10 years has seen many changes to gas furnaces, most of these changes apply to energy efficiency, which means you can save money by replacing an old gas furnace with a new one.

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Gas Furnace Installation Services in pope County

Precision Heating & Air offers a range of furnace systems that can fit your budget and offer you the newest technology. If you have a current system in place, or you are looking for a system to heat your home effectively, we will help you choose the right system for the size of your home. When furnaces are installed that are too big or too small for a home, the home is not heated effectively, this can waste energy and result in higher electrical bills. We can provide you with a free estimate on furnace installation, so that you can consider the benefits a new gas furnace can offer your home.

Why Install a Gas Furnace?

Gas furnaces are very economical when it comes to heating your home. They are also good at providing even heat throughout your home, even in the coldest of temperatures. The difference between electrical heat pumps and gas furnace vents is around a 40 degrees difference, with an electrical system producing heat at around 90 degrees and a gas furnace vent around 130 degrees. This results in gas furnaces having the ability to warm the air and heat your home faster. Using natural gas to heat your home is also kinder to the environment, you can heat your home whilst letting off less exhaust into the environment.

How Do I Know it Is Time for Gas Furnace Installation

If you currently own a gas furnace and you are wondering if it is time to replace the furnace, there are a few questions you may want to ask.

  • Your Furnaces Age – A good furnace may last upwards of 20 years, however the past 10 years have seen many changes in how furnaces are built. These changes can save you money. If your furnace is upwards of 10 years old and you find you have high heating bills you may want to consider upgrading.
  • Is Your Home Heated Evenly – Older furnaces or a furnace that is too big for the size of your home, may result in uneven heating. You may find you are freezing in the kitchen and boiling hot in the bedrooms. By upgrading your furnace you can evenly heat your home, eliminating the need for extra heating sources.
  • Does Your Furnace Constantly Needs Repairs – If you find that your furnace has frequent problems and you are spending a lot of money on repairs, it may be more cost effective in the long run to replace your gas furnace.